Independent Medical Opinions

GP4ALL is a Virtual Medical Practice, which offers online consultations with an experienced General Practitioner. 


All too often seeking a medical opinion can be stressful. Busy phonelines, overworked receptionists, crowded waiting rooms and Doctors trying to manage complex medical needs in ever decreasing amounts of time.


We provide a friendly, relaxed and unpressurised environment where you can seek high quality medical advice at a time convenient to you. 



Whether it is seeking an opinion, a second opinion or simply requesting some simple medical guidence; GP4ALL provides a safe and secure way of obtaining medical advice from a specialist Doctor with over 20 years of General Practice experience. Unlike submitting a set of symptoms into Google and getting a list of possible diagnoses GP4ALL takes your individual set of symptoms and offers you a personalised medical opinion.


It is as easy as completing and submitting a consultation request form via our secure email service. Our Doctor will then use the information submitted to provide an opinion via email within 24 hours. 


Please note we are at this time unable to provide face to face consultations but as the service develops will be looking to offer video consultations via Skype.



How to contact us

E-mail :  contact@gp4all.co.uk


All enquiries will be replied to within 24 hours


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